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Club, Range & Match Subscriptions

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Promote your club, range or match:

TexasShooting.com is not only the best online magazine available to the Texas shooting community, it is the “go to” resource for people looking for any and all information about shooting activities in Texas. Whether they want to get the news, read articles about shooting events, watch fun and educational videos, locate training classes, or simply find a match to shoot, they are coming to TexasShooting.com. Promoting safe, fun and responsible firearms ownership and usage should be a goal of every Texas gun owner. Let’s face it, the gun owner who actually uses his or her firearm is far more likely to be an active defender of Second Amendment rights, than a gun owner who never takes their firearm out of the closet are gun safe. In order to actually use a firearm, gun owners need access to shooting clubs and ranges, and many choose to hone their skills by a participating in shooting matches.

Shooting clubs, ranges and matches can promote their events and services to the shooting community by subscribing to TexasShooting.com. Regardless of the size of your shooting organization or match, there is a subscription package to fit your needs.

Subscription Basic:

With the basic subscription, your range, club or match is listed on the TexasShooting.com website both alphabetically and by location. Your listing can include any and all contact information you choose, including the link to your web page. To help promote your events, you can also submit up to two articles per month that will appear on the front page of the TexasShooting.com website.

Subscription Plus:

The Subscription Plus package entitles you to all of the features of the Basic subscription, plus many others that help you promote your events and services to the Texas shooting community. In addition to the standard listing, you can have a page dedicated solely to your organization. This page can contain articles, advertisements, and any other material that meets the TexasShooting.com standards of publication. Your separate page can also contain any of the other features available on the front page such as a special calendar for your events alone, photographs, videos, schedules and more. You can even have a Twitter link that automatically displays your most recent tweets. To increase your exposure on the front page of TexasShooting.com, you can also publish up to four articles that will appear on the front page of TexasShooting.com. (You can publish an unlimited number of articles on the separate page for your organization.)

Subscription Deluxe:

The subscription deluxe package is best suited for organizations that would like to have automated online event registration capability, either with or without prepayment of event fees. With the Deluxe package, you get all the features of the Basic and Plus subscription packages, plus access to the TexasShooting.com registration feature. This feature allows you to list your classes, matches, social gatherings, or any other events for which you require pre-registration. You can also require online prepayment from those registering, or you can offer prepayment as an option two paying-at-the-door. Obviously, you can allow everyone to pay-at-the-door and you can schedule free events that require no payment.

The registration feature at TexasShooting.com allows you to set event attendance limits, schedule your events for automatic opening and closing of registration, set the event pricing based upon factors such as membership and non-membership in your organization, and many other features. The TexasShooting.com registration feature also allows you to export registration data either as an Excel file or as a CSV file that can be imported into other programs and form documents such as name tags, score sheets and releases.

Every time someone registers for one of your events, an administrative email is sent to any person or group of people you set up to receive those emails. This Admin email can contain as much or as little information as you wish, including any or all of the data you collect from people at the time of their registration. People registering for your events also receive an automatic confirmation email with any message you want to send. At your option, it can also include the information they provided when registering, along with any attachments you may wish them to receive. For example, you can attach a document that contains a map, event instructions, evaluation forms, score sheets, or anything else you choose to send.

The registration feature is also easy to use and is totally within your control. You will be given secure logon information that will allow you to access your events so you can create, delete or modify everything without having to contact anyone at TexasShooting.com. A series of tutorial videos will be made available to subscribers, and you can always contact us if you need personalized assistance.

The TexasShooting.com online registration feature makes event management a breeze. Once you have tried it, you will wonder how you ever did without it!

Limited Time Bonus for Deluxe Subscribers:

For a limited time, Deluxe subscribers will also be able to post a banner that will appear on the front page of TexasShooting.com, on a rotating basis.  This free front page banner spaces or limited to the first ten Deluxe subscribers, so register soon.

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