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Promote Your Club, Range or Match

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This is a special message for all range owners, club officers, match directors or instructors who want to promote events at their facilities. TexasShooting.com is an excellent way to let the Texas shooting community know about your events whether they be classes, shooting matches, seminars, or simply informal shooting with family and friends. You can choose to simply post your name, address, contact information and a link to your website using the Basic Club Package, or you can go all out and become a Featured Club with all of the benefits and features that are provided with this Package. If you subscribe to the Featured Club Package, you will receive almost 30% off the subscription price for the optional TexasSooting.com Event Registration Service (ERS) that automates your event registration, payment, and documentation for your club.


The Basic Package is only $9.95 per month. Your organization will have a listing in our alphabetical catalog of clubs, ranges and matches and it will also be listed separately by city. This listing will include your location, contact information and it can have a link to your website. (CLICK HERE of an example of the basic listing.)  You will also be able to submit one article per month that will appear on the front page of Texas shooting.com for one week. Your articles will remain available in our archives, unless it is time sensitive and should be deleted.


If you would like a greater presence in the Texas shooting community, then the Featured Club Package is for you. For only $24.95 per month you not only have the listing that comes with the Basic Package, your range, club, or match will have its own separate page on TexasShooting.com. This page can be configured to meet your needs, and it can be as simple or as complex as you like. For one example, please look at the PSC Shooting Club in the Featured Clubs tab in the main menu. Any number of articles can be posted on your customized page, along with special announcements, a calendar of your upcoming events, feed-links from your website, and just about any other information you require.

In addition to your customized page, you can submit up to six articles per month that will appear on the front page of TexasShooting.com in the appropriate category. This is an excellent way to promote your upcoming events, to publish personal interest type stories, and let the Texas shooting community know about special programs available at your facility.


The Texas shooting Event Registration Service is discussed in detail in another article so it won’t be covered in depth here. This service allows clubs, ranges and match directors to automate online registration by their participants. You can require payment of fees at the time of registration or allow your participants to “pay-at-the-door.” You can set limits on the number people who can register, provide for member discounts, and much more. Every time someone registers for one of your matches or other events, they will receive an automated confirmation e-mail that provides any information you want them to have for your event. You can also include any attachments such as instructions, maps to your facility, or liability releases.

You will also receive an administration e-mail each time someone registers. This admin e-mail can contain as much or as little information that you gathered from participants when they registered for your event, along with payment information, if any.

If you use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of shooters in your matches or other events, then the TexasShooting.com Event Registration Service can make your life much easier. You simply log onto your control panel and export a CSV file that can then be imported into your Excel spreadsheet. (The CSV file can be imported into any software that has the capability of importing this file format.)

The regular subscription price for the Event Registration Service is $34.95 per month, but if you subscribe to the Featured Club Package you can add the Event Registration Service only $24.95 per month. That’s almost a 30% savings!  CLICK HERE for more information on the Event Registration Service.

So if you want to promote your shooting range, club, match or other shooting-related events, don’t hesitate –sign up now. To subscribe to either the Basic Package or the Featured Club Package this click on the “Subscribe” button in the main menu.

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