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Fuzzy Front Sight?

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There are a lot of fuzzy front sights running around these days.  You would think that manufacturers would do a better job of cleaning the burrs off their products before putting them on a gun.  Why else would I see a ghost sight, or three front sights, or a fuzzy sight or . . .  Well, you get the picture.  Unfortunately, there is nothing wrong with the sights and ramping up quality control inspections is not going to solve my problem.Read More

As a shooting buddy recently told me, there is something you need but can never have -- young eyes!  I've been wearing contact lenses (+2.25) for years.  These days, I also use reading cheaters if I'm reading anything in volume, or if the print is small  I'm sure my definition of "smallprint" differs from kids with young eyes!

To give me a crisp front sight, I use the stick-on bifocals (+1.00) you can get from Hidalgo Supply and other places on the Internet. Prices range from as low as $10 per pair to about $30. I cut them to fit on the right lense of my shooting glasses (my dominant eye) so that I am only looking through it when I am shooting with my head "ducked" slightly. This allows me to see a crisp front sight with my dominant eye, but the effect on the target (additional fuzziness) is minimal because the left eye is not looking through the additional magnification.

I actually learned about using only one stick-on bifocal by accident. I bought some new sunglasses and wanted to try them out before the new stick-on bifocals arrived. I took the bifocal off of the left lense of a pair of shooting glasses and tried it on the new glasses. I was amazed how much better it worked. The best thing about this approach is that you can put the stick-ons on any glasses and you only have the extra magnification on the dominant eye, which prevents the target from being significantly more blurred.

Since I am farsighted and use a (+) prescription, but I have had near-sighted people (using a "-" prescription) tell me this method works for them as well.

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