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Ed's Red Bath

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eds-red2Here are a couple of photos of what I call the "Ed's Red Bath." This is a S.A.W. ammo can (a/k/a "Fat 50") and the basket came from Lowe's.  As you can see, it fits perfectly.  The basket even has handles that fold up & down and in the up position, it's easy to lift the basket and let drain

It is necessary to put small parts like the sear and disconnector and the plunger spring in a small can, as they will fall through the holes in the basket. The can I'm using is an aluminum dog food can about 2" tall with holes drilled in the bottom.  I paid a little eds-red1over $4 for the basket and the S.A.W. ammo can was $14 plus shipping. I have seen very few at gun shows. Be sure you don't get a 50 Cal. ammo can for this purpose; the basket is exactly the same size and won't fit.


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