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New Youth Action Pistol League

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Youth Action Pistol League - YAPL

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While it is true that most kids enjoy shooting all types of firearms, the hands down favorite seems to be pistol shooting.  This statement can be further refined by noting that action pistol type shooting such as IDPA, IPSC, or Steel Challenge matches, is a favorite activity among youth who gravitate to pistol shooting.

To promote firearms safety and to help kids develop good gun-handling skills, has created the Youth Action Pistol League (YAPL).  Unlike current action pistol disciplines, the YAPL is much more than merely competitive matches.  It includes training programs and coaching sessions much like little league baseball and football leagues, in addition to local, regional and state matches.  The goal is to have shooting clubs and ranges throughout the state create YAPL chapters to conduct training and coaching programs and offer matches to YAPL members.  As the league grows, regional matches will be organized with shooters competing both as a team and as individuals.  A state championship will also be hosted for individuals and teams to win or are highly placed at regional matches.

 YAPL rules are modeled largely after IDPA rules, with significant differences.  Scoring will be identical to IDPA scoring so that chapters can use the excellent scoring software developed by Jane Fleming called ForScore.  Many kids who will be drawn to the YAPL events will be too young and/or too inexperienced to shoot centerfire pistols.  Therefore, younger shooters will first use airsoft guns and when their proficiency level warrants, they will move up two .22 rimfire pistols.  Special divisions will be created for scoring shooters using airsoft guns or 22 rimfire pistols.

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Why I Enjoy Shooting

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samanthaI enjoy shooting because I am gaining the knowledge of others who are teaching me and I will always know how to shoot for the rest of my life. Even if it’s for protection or just for fun, I can have this bit of knowledge that I can keep with me where ever I go.

Shooting is a right as well as a privilege for me as a kid. My gun can easily be taken away from me if I mess up. Being able to shoot allows me to release a lot of pent up energy, and allows me to think about the task at hand rather than all the other ideas floating around in my head.  Shooting gives me an amount of responsibility that is not overwhelming. I have to know where others are and what they are doing, and I can't turn in a 180 degree circle without holstering my gun first.Read More

 Getting behind a firearm takes more than point and shoot. Listening is the key. I have learned that if I listen to the grown-ups around me, my aim gets better. When I listen they are transferring their knowledge to me and making me a better shooter.

Shooting is also a type of therapy. It helps me to unwind after a crazy week at school. It allows me to get out of the house after being cooped up for too long. I can release all that energy and soon, after the first ten rounds or so, I feel lighter. Like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I get excited at the thought of more kids my age joining in this wonderful sport. We need more kids out on the range learning to shoot. It's so much fun and it is very relaxing after a pretty hectic week.

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Girl With A Gun

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img 03Growing up in an environment that has welcomed and encouraged the use of firearms has really helped me become who I am and who I will be in the future. Learning about gun use and safety procedures from a young age has taught me to take responsibility for my actions.

Being able to go out to the range and shoot has always been a treat, something that could be used as a reward for getting good grades or get taken away for not doing so well in school. While using a gun my mind is on what I am doing rather than what a friend said to me, or the project that is due in a few days. Pulling the trigger means that all of my attention is on what I am seeing down the barrel, totally focused on what I should be doing right then.

Being familiar with firearms has opened up a lot of great opportunities to meet and become friends with people that I would otherwise never have a chance to say hello to. They have been able to teach me so much about respecting fellow shooters and the powerful machines that we are using. Listening to their instruction and advice has really helped improve my shooting by a large margin.

I’ve been encouraged to learn how to use and take care of everything from a .38 Special to a 12 gauge, with all kinds of rifles thrown in the mix as well. Knowing how to use such a large variety of weapons puts me in a good position for competition shooting and hunting. 

Being able to tell other kids about shooting and hunting is very exciting and though I have never been shooting with another person my age outside of family members, I really hope that kids will begin to understand that firearms are not something to be scared of.