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More Women Shooting IDPA

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A Woman's Perspective

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martha hannahI am a very typical Texas wife, mother and grandmother married to a very atypical native Texan.  We met when we were twelve years old, grew up one street apart, have been married for over 39 years and we have two sons.

  We are active with our church, Bay Area First Baptist Church in Friendswood, Texas and other organizations.  Our two sons are grown now and we have one granddaughter, Hannah, and a grandson "Hank."  Of course, our grandkids are the most beautiful in the world, no matter what other grandparents may claim.

My husband Charles is an attorney and he started shooting when he was four years old.  He's been politically active all of his adult life, but I have never really gotten into politics.  In 1980, Charles wrote a bill that would have created a concealed handgun licensing system in Texas, but the bill wasn't introduced in 1981, because someone murdered John Lennon in December, 1980.  Charles tells me this set off a nationwide anti-handgun movement, but I really don't recall.  He finally got the bill introduced later in the 1980's, but again I can't recall when.

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38Super for the Ladies? You Bet!

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img 03Although I am a practicing attorney, I also spend a lot of time giving seminars on Texas Self-Defense Law and teaching  firearms courses, as well as the Texas Concealed Handgun Course. In almost every class or seminar, I am asked "what gun should I get for self-defense." That's much like asking "what kind of a car should I buy?" I go through the questions most instructors ask, then I explain the advantages and disadvantages of several different revolvers and semi-autos. I strongly recommend that people try to shoot several different handguns before deciding what they want to buy for self-defense.

The best way for me to help accomplish this is to bring a wide variety of guns to the range and let students shoot them all. I've noticed that one of my 1911s in .38 Super is frequently a crowd favorite, especially with the ladies. The more I watched the ladies take to the .38 Super like proverbial "ducks to water," the more I became convinced that a Commander length 1911 in 38 Super may be a perfect defensive handgun for many of the ladies. The 1911 trigger is hands down the best trigger on any handgun, and it makes it easier to shoot accurately, all other factors being equal. It's also slimmer than other semi-autos, making it easier to conceal.