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Training is for Everyone

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CLC 08 bustI make a living as an attorney, but I've also been a firearms instructor for over 35 years for at least two reasons.  First, I enjoy teaching and secondly, I believe that responsible firearms ownership demands proper training.  Whether shooting for sporting purposes or for self-defense, every gun owner owes it to themself and to their loved ones to do so properly, safely and proficiently.  This is even more important when we have spouses, children or grandchildren who depend upon our ability with firearms, whether for instructional purposes or to defend their lives should the need arise.

I was born and raised in Texas where we seem to think that boys are born with the God-given ability to shoot.  Well, unless you were born with a gun in your hand, shooting doesn't come naturally.  Sure, some people seem to have a natural talent for shooting, but like all physical talents, that ability needs proper instruction, training and practice to reach its full potential.  Ironically, I've seen more women with a natural talent for shooting than I have men, but perhaps it's a matter of women being more willing to take instruction than us Texas boys.  Seriously, women are at least as capable as men when it comes to safe and proficient shooting, but we all need training.

Whether you carry a handgun for self-defense, or are thinking about buying your first gun, consider professional firearms training from a certified instructor.  Then use the knowledge gained to hone your skills and protect not only yourself, but also those you hold dear.

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