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Acme Firearms Training Group

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The Acme Firearms Training Group instructors have decades of experience as firearms trainers in military, law enforcement and competitive arenas.  Their combined experience means you can find exactly the type of training you need.

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Welcome to TexasShooting.com!

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Make the TexasShooting.com your go-to website for all things shooting-related in Texas.  We’re not only going to be a great online magazine, we going to be your best resource for everything you want to know about guns, shooting, matches, events, training and much much more!  TexasShooting.com is also an online community for people who want have a presence in the Texas shooting community.  It’s almost like having a Facebook page that’s dedicated to shooting in Texas.  Post your own articles, photos, videos, or simply keep up with your fellow gun/shooting enthusiasts. 

Check back often to see what is going on and what’s on the horizon, whether your interest is informal plinking, match shooting, serious self-defense training and equipment, or a combination of all of these activities.  In the coming weeks and months, we plan to add additional resources to help you find everything from shooting clubs and matches that interest you, to the best deals in town on guns, ammo, reloading supplies and more.

Range owners, club officers and match directors should read the article Get Involved” and see what TexasShooting.com can do to help you grow by publicizing your events, and to streamline event/match registration. 

Welcome to the new TexasShooting.com and thanks for dropping by.

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Featured Club: PSC Shooting Club, Inc.

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range1 fpThe featured shooting Club for this month is the PSC Shooting Club, Inc. (“PSC”) located in Friendswood, Texas.  PSC is a 100% NRA Club that was founded in 1966 and has grown to over 3000 members.  It is managed by an 11 member Board Of Directors all of whom are collected annually by a PSC members.

One of the hallmarks of PSC is the friendly family atmosphere enjoyed by its members.  PSC members are quick to point out that  “we’re not merely a shooting range, we are a Club.”  The PSC Board of Directors has developed a long range strategic plan to continually improve the Club’s facilities and bring additional shooting opportunities to its members.
PSC Shooting Club is also a very good a “civic” neighbor as it is evidenced by its support of local Boy Scout Troops, Friendwood schools, and the Friendwood Police Department.  PSC also hosts and/or supports various special events for the local community.

PSC’s physical plant consist of several ranges for rifle and pistol shooting, as well as shotgun fields.  The Club operates a position rifle range with berms from 50 yards to 300 yards.  A 200 yard benchrest – only ranges available, as well as a 25yard to 100 yard 22 rimfire range.

Pistol ranges or available in various formats and additional improvements are currently underway.  Multiple pistol bays as well as plate rack bays are available for pistol shooting of all calibers up two but not including 44 magnum.

PSC’s shotgunners have access to trap and skeet fields, as well as country doubles, and five-stand fields.  When the shotgun fields are not manned, Members can use their own throwers.  A patterning board is also available, as in a home-defense shotgun range in the pistol area.

The different types of shooting match is posted at PSC are almost too numerous to mention.  They consist of IDPA,  IPSC, PPC,  Steel Challenge, pistol pin, pistol plate, and metallic silhouette matches.  In addition to pistol matches, PSC host monthly metallic silhouette matches for rifles, as well as NRA rifle matches.

The Club is very proud of its active and growing Juniors Program and its Women’s Program.  Each of these programs are held monthly and each has a different format.  The juniors rotate through all of the shooting disciplines available at PSC, so each month the program is different.

The Women’s Program is structured differently.  Each month basic training is available in what has become referred to as “handgun 101.” But the Women’s Program is not limited to basic training as additional, more advanced, shooting opportunities are offered such as IDPA scenarios, defensive shotgun, and more.

Firearm safety and education programs are also staples at PSC.  Each month, various classes, clinics, seminars, and courses are offered to PSC members and their guests.  (Some events are open to nonmembers.)  For example, virtually every NRA rifle, pistol, shotgun, and self-defense class is available at PSC on a rotating basis.  Free seminars are offered throughout the year on various subjects of interest to gun owners and more are being developed.  Monthly classes are held to obtain or renew a Texas Concealed Handgun License.  So regardless of one’s shooting experience and education, PSC offers an educational program to fit everyone’s needs.

In spite of all the matches and training opportunities available at PSC, informal shooting with family members and friends is still the mainstay at the Club.  That’s why members proudly refer to PSC as a club rather than a shooting range.  Part of the long-term plans include the construction of facilities to host family events and gatherings to increase the social interaction between members.  Great facilities and a family friendly atmosphere is why a PSC has been described as one of the finest shooting clubs in Texas.