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NRA Awarded Attorney Fees -- Again!

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After losing a long and costly legal battle trying to deprive its citizens of their Second Amendment rights, the city of Chicago has been ordered to pay the $1.3 million to the national rifle association of America.  This figure represents a portion of the legal fees and expenses incurred by the NRA in defending the constitutional rights of American citizens.  Initially, the Federal District court denied the NRA’s request for attorney fees, but a favorable ruling by the U.S.  Seventh Circuit Court Of Appeals require the district court to award  “reasonable and necessary attorney fees and expenses.”

Regardless of the constitutional rights at issue, American citizens benefit when governmental entities that are acting arbitrarily, capriciously and unconstitutionally are required to reimburse the attorney fees and expenses incurred in protecting constitutional rights.  For this reason, it was shocking when self-proclaimed “pro-gun”  attorney Alan Gura filed documents formally opposing the NRA’s request for attorney fees.  Thankfully, the court rejected Mr. Gura’s unfounded opposition.

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