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School Competitive Shooting Teams

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IDPA Matches at PSC Shooting Club, Inc.

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The PSC Shooting Club, Inc. Located at 3121 W. Parkwood Dr. in Friendswood, Texas hosts a monthly IDPA match on the 4th Saturday of each month. Due to the popularity of this match, it is necessary to limit the match to 100 shooters. The match is open to PSC Members and nonmembers alike and all participants must preregister at www.PSC-Range.com. (Click on the Event Registration tab.)

Registration for the PSC match opens on the Saturday before the match (the 3rd Saturday each month) and it closes at midnight on the Thursday preceding match day. The online registration form allows shooters to make special squad requests so that they can shoot with a friend or family member. We can all over the vast majority of these requests, but occasionally it is not possible. Please do not request more than one person in the squad request block.

Everyone registering for the match will get an automated confirmation email that will contain the special match code for nonmembers to use to enter the PSC electronic gate. This code is only good for that IDPA match and then only the hours of 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM.

PSC Members - $16.00
Non-Members - $21.00

Fees must be paid by credit card at the time of registration. Please see the PSC Shooting Club, Inc. website for the Club’s refund policy.

For more information, please go to www.PSC-Range.com.

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IDPA Competition

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What is IDPA Competition?

IDPA stands for International Defensive Pistol Association, the sanctioning body for IDPA matches.  Each match consists of a number of different scenarios that simulate realistic defensive shooting situations.  A competitor receives a score for each scenario in the match and the lowest total score wins.  The score is a composite of the raw time to shoot each scenario, plus time added for points down on targets and any procedural penalties

Classes and Divisions

The type of gun a person uses will determine which one of the five Divisions they will be competing in for any given match.  A shooter receives a Classification by shooting a 90 round Classifier in one of the five Divisions.  This Classification is used to ensure shooters compete with people at the same relative skill level.  IDPA rules require competitors to shoot at least one Classifier each year, but they do not have to shoot one in each Division in which they want to compete.  PSC runs at least two Classifiers a year and often three to four.  When Classifiers are scheduled, they will be posted on the PSC Calendar and on the Event Registration link.

What Equipment Do I Need?

The driving premise behind IDPA shooting is to use guns, holsters and mag. carriers that a person could actually use to carry a concealed handgun.  No "race guns" are allowed in IDPA competition.  The vast majority of IDPA shooters use Glocks, Springfield XD's, and various 1911s.  A few shooters use revolvers and their number is growing.

So what should I bring to the match? The obvious items are: 1) handgun; 2) holster; 3) ammunition sufficient for the match; 4) at least three magazines, but the more the better (only two extra mags. can be on your belt); 5) eye protection; and 6) ear protection. These are the bare essentials. Consider the weather in the Texas Gulf Coast and dress accordingly. Sun block, a good hat (caps are okay, but if you have a sombrero, bring it!), plenty of water, a towel and a folding chair may seem like luxuries while you are sitting at your computer reading this, but you'll think they should have been in the essential list after attending one of the summer matches. This is not meant to scare anyone. If you are a "summer person" and enjoy being outside during the hotter months, you will not have a problem, as long as you come prepared. If you have trouble handling the heat, you probably should shoot with us during the fall through spring schedule.

Many clubs/matches have a "new shooter briefing" for people who are new to action pistol shooting to help them feel a little more at ease when trying a new sport.  They are typically offered just before each match. Some clubs also will also pair new shooters with a mentor for their first match and this is a great way to get up to speed.

IDPA matches are the easiest and most economical way to get into action pistol shooting and you will meet a great group of people!