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Eligibility Requirements for a CHL

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To be eligible for a Texas Concealed Handgun License, the applicant must be:

  • A resident of Texas for 6 months, or intend to establish residency;
  • 21 years of age (18 if active or former military);
  • Eligible to purchase a handun under state and federal law;

The Applicant must NOT be:

  • Convicted of a felony
  • Convicted of a Class A or B Misdemeanor (or Disorderly Conduct) within 5 years proir to application;
  • Charged with a Class A or B Misdemeanor, Disorderly Conduct Misdemeanor, or felony at the time of application;
  • A fugitive from justice;
  • Finally determined to be delinquent in payment of Texas taxes or child support;
  • Incapable of exercising sound judgement in the use and storage of a handgun;
  • A chemically dependent person;
  • Currently under a protetive order or other order effecting the spousal relationship, other than the protection of property.

NOTE:  Some but not all successfully completed deferred adjudications are defined as "convictions" for pusposes of CHL eligibility.

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