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How Do I Get a CHL?

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Getting a Texas Concealed Handgun License requires submitting an online application to the Texas Dept. of Public Safet, having digital fingerprints taken at L-1 and taking a CHL class.  As of September 1, 2013, the CHL class was reduced from a minimum of 10 hrs to a minimum of 4 hrs exclusive of the time spent on the range. The range portion of the class lasts approximately one hour and requires the firing of a total of 50 rounds.  (20 rounds are fired at 3 yards, 20 rounds from 7 yards and 10 rounds from 15 yards.)  The requirement for renewal classes was also repealed.

You can apply using the new DPS/Texas Online online application. When you apply online, you will pay your state license fee by credit card at that time and you have the opportunity to print a check list that identifies all documents you will be required to send to DPS. If this is your first CHL, these documents will include any special documents such as your DD-214 if you are claiming a discount for piror military service, disposition documents if you have a prior criminal history that is not disqualifying, etc. You will also have to send proof of successfully completing your CHL class (form CHL-100). 

What is the State license fee? The standard fee for your first CHL is $140 and renewals every five years are $70. There are 50% discountsare available for applicants age 60 and above, and some peace officers and judges. The fee for military veterans is $25 for both initial and renewal CHLs.  The state application fee is waived for active military personnel and those who were discharged within the last 365 days.

How do I renew a CHL?

As of September 1, 2013, renewal classes are no longer required to renew a CHL.  All that is necessary is to apply for renewal online at the DPS website.

Digital fingerprints required for new applicants

The FBI reject rate for digital fingerprints is less than 1%, but the reject rate for "rolled prints" is close to 30%. This is the second most common cause for delays in processing of applications. Using digital also speeds up processing of your CHL application since DPS does not have to take your fingerprint card and scan it into a digital file and hopefully get a file that will be accepted by the FBI. To get digital fingerprints, just go to the Morfo Trust website and make an appointment. The last step in the DPS online application process for initial licenses is is the option to schedule a fingerprint appointment.  If you do not do so at that time, younot be able to schedule an appointment until 24 to 48 hours after you file your online application with DPS. For people in the Friendswood/Pearland area, the closest location is in Pearland. At last report, the fee is $9.95.

What do I need to bring to class?

Please bring your range gear including:

  • A handgun of at least .32 cal. As of June 14, 2013, you can qualify with a revolver or semi-automatic handgun without any restriction on what you can carry. 
  • At least 50 rds of ammo (100 rds are recommended in case your gun gives you trouble or if you have to re-shoot)
  • Eye and ear protection; A cap or visor both to shade your eyes and lessen the already remote chance of getting brass behind your protective glasses;

A holster, "gun rug," gun case, or something to keep your pistol in when moving to and between the firing lines on the range. Although holsters are not used in the qualification, bringing one is recommended, if you have one for the gun you are going to use. It makes it easier to move between firing positions.

How long is the class?

By statute, CHL classes must be between 4 and 6 hrs. long, excluding time spent on a written exam and the range qualification.  Our classroom time is 4 hours, plus the required written exam that ususally takes about 20 minutes.  The range time is approximately 1 hour for the entire class, although each student is on the firing line for only about 20 minutes.

What is the class fee and what's included?

Class fee:  $95

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