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Big Gun or Little Gun?

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CLC 08 bustRest easy, I'm not about to get into this Ford v. Chevy argument -- well, at least not with both feet anyway.   I do want to make an observation from my CHL classes and I hope it will make some of the guys out there reconsider the theory that "the little lady needs a little gun."  Of all the students I've taught, only four failed to pass the shooting portion of the CHL class on the first attempt.  In every case, the gun was the problem; i.e. it was too small and kicked like a mule! All four of the women passed on the second attempt using a larger gun. 

In one extreme case, a tiny lady in her 80's was shooting a compact 9mm semi-auto and it was pounding her so badly she was flinching horribly everytime she pulled the trigger.  Who could blame her?  Every shot was painful and firing 50 rounds was torture.  I let her shoot a full size Smith & Wesson M&P in 9mm and she went from a score of 129 to 219 using a gun she had never fired!  I'm pretty sure her husband bought her an M&P the next day.  The other three women used one of my government model 1911's in .45ACP and passed with ease. 

Several years ago, my wife used to carry a Smith & Wesson Mod. 37 Airweight (17 oz.).  She quit carrying that gun for a very good reason, she wouldn't practice with it because it hurt her hand when she shot it.  It was her decision not to carry a gun she wouldn't practice with and I couldn't agree more.  She now carries a Kimber Ultra Carry in .45ACP, but she's been shooting for . . .  well let's just say she's been shooting for a LONG time.  (How's that Honey?)

The bottom line is this: buy jewelry to look at, light luggage to carry, and big guns to use is a fight (or practice).

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